Boys and Girls Ateyapi at Knollwood is a part of Rural America Initiatives.

An application and more information about Ateyapi can be found on their website:


Our mission is to partner with the whole family to help American Indian children and youth acquire tools to thrive in the contemporary environment and to support Native cultural values.

Our goal is to develop a new society of Indian men and women, “Ikce wicasa na winyan” (Common Man and Woman) who work within the community to strengthen families by practicing the values of respect, honesty, language, generosity and courage.

We work with some of the most challenged and at-risk families in Rapid City. Our focus is to provide life skills to break the crippling cycle of poverty.

We accomplish this through educational programs: Early Head Start and Head Start programs, and the Ateyapi role-modeling mentorship program in elementary, middle and high schools in Rapid City. A middle school Ateyapi Lakota language program was also begun this year. We also operate Early Head Start and Head Start programs on the Crow Creek Indian Reservation in South Dakota.