Welcome to our students and families attending Knollwood Elementary. It is important to us that every child feel welcomed, connected and a part of a learning community. At Knollwood we are committed to: “providing a positive, empowering educational experience that encompasses the whole child in an environment that is safe, enjoyable and fun while developing partnerships with families, students, staff and the community which fosters the acceptance of cultural diversity.”


Knollwood is the home of approximately 440 K-5 students. Our staff works closely in collaborative teams to provide instruction for students at their success level. We believe in having high expectations for our students and ourselves, building relationships, and having a positive mindset. We expect our students to attend school regularly, arrive on time, try their best, and show respect for themselves and others. We focus on student collaboration, creativity, communication, and critical thinking to develop problem solving learners for the future.


We value the partnership with our parents and our community. We encourage parents to become involved in your child’s education. We love to see parents at Family Fun Nights, parent teacher conferences, and volunteering in the classroom and attending other special events. It takes a group effort and families are a valued part of the team.