Welovebrad cropped

We love Mr. Brad!

He braves the cold to keep our sidewalks safe, takes great pride in our school’s cleanliness, and is willing to help anyone – always with a smile.  🙂

THANK YOU, Mr. Brad, for the countless big and little things that you do for all of us every day!

(Imitation is the greatest form of flattery – Career Day, 2018)



SN with poster

Way to go, Sia!  

Sia was surprised with the news that she has won the United Way’s Attendance Poster Contest.  Her work was selected at the district level as the all-around 4th grade winner for RCAS!  We are happy for you and appreciate the effort that you continually put into all that you do!  🙂

SN getting award SN getting prizes SN with prizesSN and family